About us

The Electric Verified Recognition Program allows you to instantly identify repair shops and parts stores capable of servicing your electric or hybrid vehicle. Through strong partnerships with the Québec government’s EV Skills training program and BEQ technology, a company specializing in the sale and installation of electric vehicle charging stations, Electric Verified by EV Vast guarantees a quality service for the maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The program is part of a comprehensive strategy developed by Vast-Auto Distribution to address the rapidly evolving market for electric and hybrid vehicles in Canada. Founded in 1986, Vast-Auto Distribution is a division of Del Vasto Group, a private company headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, and a leader in the distribution and marketing of automotive parts for vehicle repairs. The company currently serves Eastern Canada through its eight distribution centers located in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

Operating under the Auto Value, Auto Mécano, M 360 Mechanic (formerly Mister Muffler), Mister Transmission and OCTO Auto Service Plus banners, we offer our customers a complete business solution, including a wide range of quality parts, innovative marketing programs, training, and business management systems.

Our mission

The mission of the Electric Verified Recognition Program is to address the growing number of electric and hybrid vehicles on the roads in Canada. The use of the logo allows for quick and distinctive identification of workshops and parts stores that can serve electric and hybrid vehicle owners, as well as automotive mechanics.

Our goal: To transform the future together, with confidence!

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