Join the Electric Verified recognition program


Why join the recognition program?

Quickly develop your expertise in electric and hybrid vehicles and get exclusive advantages to help you stand out!

Distinctive Electric Verified brand image

National marketing campaign

Specialized EV training

Workplace health and safety coaching

Purchase and financing structure for specialized EV tools and equipment

Purchase and installation services for EV charging stations

Membership criteria

To benefit from the advantages offered by the Electric Verified program, you must meet the following criteria:

If you are a repair shop:

  • Be part of the Vast-Auto program
  • Have a level 3 technician trained by PCVE and commit to training a level 4 technician (within a maximum of 12 months)
  • Have one technical advisor trained by AVAD/PCVE or equivalent
  • Have the required protective equipment for technicians
  • Possess the necessary tools and equipment to repair electric and hybrid vehicles

    If you are a parts store:

    • Be part of the Vast-Auto program
    • Have a counter clerk that has been trained at the Academy

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