Electric Verified: which training programs are for repair shops?

Repair shops under the Vast-Auto Distribution banner must follow a specialized, high-quality training program to become experts in repairing and maintaining electric and hybrid vehicles.

Electric Verified by EV Vast repair shops and parts stores must follow a dedicated training program to provide exemplary service for electric and hybrid vehicles. These training programs are offered to various Vast-Auto Distribution banners, including Parts City Pièces d’Auto, Certified Auto Repair, M 360 Mechanic, OCTO Auto Service Plus and Auto Mécano.

The Vast-Auto Distribution Academy offers ongoing training courses for technical advisors and technicians as part of the Quebec government’s EV Skills training program. These courses follow the training process established by the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l’industrie des services automobiles (CPCPA). The EV Skills program provides high-quality training courses directed by the Academy’s lead training director. The training courses are available online or through practical in-classroom workshops.

Did you know?

Repair shops that want to become Electric Verified by EV Vast must have a technician trained to level 3 by PCVE (MAE-232) and a technician trained to level 4 by PCVE (MAE-245).

The repair shop must also have a technical advisor trained by the Academy/PCVE (PAP-220).

As described by the EV Skills program, the level 3 course aims to equip technicians with a comprehensive understanding of the differences between various vehicle models available on the market. The course also covers topics related to electric vehicle components, functions, safety rules and intervention methods.

The level 4 training course teaches participants how to maintain hybrid vehicles safely and how to use dedicated diagnostic tools. Technicians can take level 5 training if they want their repair shop to become EV Skills certified.

Electric Verified certified employees must take a refresher training course and a yearly knowledge test.

In March 2024, the Quebec government announced that it would gradually phase out the Roulez vert program, which offered grants to electric car buyers. Starting next year, the grant amounts for electric and hybrid cars will be reduced to $4,000 and $2,000, respectively. The program will end in 2027. However, grants will continue to be available for charging stations. Eligible homeowners can receive up to $600 back, while businesses and multi-unit dwellings can save up to $5,000.

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