The Electric Verified Program: a team commitment for Garage Labrosse

Last summer, Garage Labrosse became the first repair shop under the Auto Mecano banner to join the Electric Verified program. Committed to providing its customers with comprehensive and forward-looking service, the team decided to commit to the program.

Garage Labrosse Team

Before joining the Electric Verified program, the repair shop had already serviced electric and hybrid vehicles for many of its customers. Owner Jonathan Labrosse and his team explain, “We’ve been repairing electric and hybrid vehicles for about 10 years. However, joining this program gives us better access to specialized training and equipment. As a result, we can respond more quickly and efficiently to our customer’s needs. It’s also an opportunity in terms of visibility. Belonging to this program helps current and future customers recognize our skills.

The repair shop has taken it upon itself to install two new terminals: one outside the building for customer convenience and one inside the building dedicated to in-depth diagnostics. Garage Labrosse aims to provide comprehensive and efficient services that cater to the diverse needs of its customers.

In addition to these terminals, the repair shop places particular importance on training its technicians, “We wanted all our technicians to have the necessary training to work on these types of vehicles and perform all repairs professionally and safely.” All our technicians have undergone in-depth training through the EV Skills training program run by the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l’industrie des services automobiles (CPCPA) to ensure they know how to work on electric and hybrid vehicles. This approach ensures complete customer satisfaction and maintains the repair shop’s high standards.

Garage Labrosse has also taken steps to train its front office staff. This allows the entire team to provide its customers with accurate and in-depth information regarding electric and hybrid vehicles. Garage Labrosse aims to provide its customers with transparent information so they can make informed decisions about servicing their cars. Adopting this comprehensive approach, the repair shop is strengthening its reputation as a trusted, competent, customer-focused automotive service provider.

Beyond the technical aspects and training, the Garage Labrosse team recognizes that many electric and hybrid vehicle owners aren’t aware that independent repair shops have the necessary skills to repair these types of vehicles. The Electric Verified recognition program helps with that. It highlights the repair shop’s expertise and helps build customer confidence, “It can be surprising for customers to learn that our team is qualified to work on electric and hybrid vehicles without voiding their manufacturer’s warranty. This program helps customers maintain a working relationship with their independent repair shop, regardless of the type of vehicle they own.”

Additionally, Jonathan explains, “Customers who choose to come to our shop benefit from significant savings. Our repair costs are generally a lot cheaper than at dealerships. Plus, we have more affordable after-market parts.”

Moreover, Garage Labrosse focuses on repairs. Simply put, they always consider repairing parts before systematically replacing them, an option not always available at dealerships. This approach is cost-effective for customers and helps reduce waste by encouraging repairs instead of unnecessary replacements.

As for the future of their shop in the Electric Verified program, the Garage Labrosse team concludes, “We’re hoping for a lasting increase in customers with electric and hybrid vehicles. We believe the program will help the public recognize our independent repair shop’s skills and knowledge. We have the tools, training and skills to meet our customer’s needs.”

The Electric Verified program reinforces Garage Labrosse’s commitment to its customers. Recognized training and certifications, specialized equipment and committed professionals are a winning combination for the future.

The Canadian government has taken significant steps to transition to sustainable mobility.

To help reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly technologies, the Canadian government has introduced legislation requiring 20 per cent of all vehicles sold on the national market to be electric or plug-in hybrids by 2026.

In Quebec, this percentage is even higher at 32.5 per cent, to reach 100 per cent by 2035. The Electric Verified program was created to support this transition.


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