The M 360 Mechanic repair shop in Ste-Foy forges ahead with the Electric Verified program

Zoom on one of our new Electric Verified repair shop.
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The M 360 Mechanic repair shop Ste-Foy was one of the first to join the Electric Verified program. One of the company’s ambitions is to offer its customers an increasingly high-quality and complete service.

The repair shop’s decision to join the program stemmed from its determination to stay at the forefront of developments in the field, anticipate changes and even stay ahead of them. “We didn’t view joining the program as a challenge, but rather as an opportunity to enhance our expertise, in particular by following a specialized training program on the servicing and maintenance of electric and hybrid vehicles.” said Patrick Simard, owner of the repair shop, and Denis Lacroix, shop manager.

And when it came to the specialized equipment needed to join the program, it was no issue for the repair shop. “We’ve had a charging station in our garage for several years, which shows our customers that we can handle electric and hybrid vehicles. The repair shop has also ensured the acquisition of the health and security equipment and specialized tools required under the program, enabling technicians to carry out their work in complete safety.

When it comes to training, when the repair shop were approached to join the Electric Verified program, it was already prepared. “We had already decided which technicians we wanted to train. Each of them has undergone several hours of training at the Comité Paritaire de l’industrie des Services Automobiles in Quebec City and is now certified to work on electric and hybrid vehicles.”

borne véhicule électrique à l'atelier mécanique de Ste-Foy

The official launch of the Electric Verified program was on November 1, so it’s too early to see the benefits, but the Ste-Foy team never misses an opportunity to talk about it with their customers.

As for their expectations of the Electric Verified program, two seem to be key for the repair shop. Denis explained: “In the collective imagination, there is still a belief that electric vehicle repairs require a trip to the dealership, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore. In the future, we’ll count on the program to boost customer awareness of our repair shop. As we have the training and specialized tools, it’s now possible to have your electric or hybrid vehicle serviced at an Electric Verified M 360 Mechanic repair shop. Lastly, with ongoing communication, we hope that the program will help dispel the preconceived notion that an electric vehicle doesn’t need to be maintained. That’s not true! So don’t hesitate to come to us for advice.”

Kudos to M 360 Mechanic repair shop for their commitment!

L'équipe de l'atelier M Mécanique 360 Ste Foy
The M 360 Mechanic Ste-Foy team

Electric Verified guarantees quality service through a customized training program. The Electric Verified certification program involves comprehensive, high-level training to transform participants into qualified experts in maintaining electric and hybrid vehicles. Once certified, technicians are encouraged to participate in ongoing training. Every year, Electric Verified certification holders must take a refresher course and a knowledge test to keep their expertise up to date and maintain their status as certified professionals.

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